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Nyla Roopnarinesingh

Nyla is a Licensed Paralegal and Chartered Business Valuator. Nyla is currently a Manager with the Valuations, Forensics and Litigation Group at Crowe Soberman and has almost 10 years of experience in business valuations and matrimonial matters.
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Stefanie Peachey

Stefanie Peachey is a Social Worker who owns and operates Peachey Counselling and Family Support in Burlington ON. At her practice, she provides counselling, family mediation, collaborative law support as a family professional and other specialized services related to separation and divorce.
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Whitney Smith

Whitney Smith is an experienced family law lawyer who has specialized in family law since her call to the bar. She brings a compassionate and thoughtful approach to her practice and prides herself on providing top notch client service by treating each file with the attention and priority it deserves, no matter the size. She…
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Karin Kidikian

Karin is the sole owner and operator of Kidikian Consulting, a financial services company that specializes in matrimonial matters. Divorce has been recognized, after death of a loved one, as the worst stressor the psyche undergoes.
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