Leading family lawyers, financial professionals & family professionals committed to resolving family differences through discussion and agreement rather than using the court process.

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How will you separate or divorce?

Collaborative Practice is about cooperation, not confrontation. It is problem solving with collaborative lawyers, financial and family professionals who help you and your spouse achieve mutually satisfactory agreements finalizing your separation or divorce.

Why Collaborative Practice?

What is unique is that you, your spouse and both collaborative lawyers sign a contract agreeing not to go to court. Other professionals are brought in as need be, also bound by an agreement not to go to court. Settlement is the goal. Not an escalation of conflict.


Collaborative Practice allow you to...

Find and focus on your common interests

Understand and address each other's concerns

Exchange information


Explore a wide range of possible choices

Reach solutions acceptable to both of you

Cooperate, not confront

Collaborative Practice

Rather than being bound by a Court schedule of conferences and hearings, the Collaborative Practice process uses informal meetings and discussion to settle all issues in a timely manner.

The members of the Hamilton/Halton Collaborative Practice Group are experienced family law lawyers, financial and family life / parenting professionals who have received specialized training in the concepts and methods of Collaborative Practice and alternative dispute resolution.

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