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I am a collaboratively trained family lawyer and accredited family mediator with over 25 years of experience advising, coaching and representing clients with simple and complex property, support and parenting issues. My family law practice promotes out-of-court, practical and lasting solutions through the flexibility of negotiation, mediation and collaboration.

While helping clients resolve their legal issues and avoid the destruction caused by difficult separations, I emphasize education, empowerment and healing. In my experience, the most transformative outcomes emerge from the creativity and input of fully informed couples taking ownership of their futures.

My primary focus is to minimize conflict with its economic and emotional toll on families – especially the children caught in the middle. I have a network of independent legal, financial and family/child professionals who provide comprehensive collaborative and mediation services. In the process of helping individuals and families transition out of partnerships and marriages with lasting agreements, I respect important immediate and extended family relationships.

The right settlement is achieved by tuning into every client’s unique set of goals, interests and values. With a team of collaborative professionals at the physical or virtual table, I work with clients to create cost-effective and customized agreements for the most critical areas of their lives – the well-being of their children and wealth preservation. Combining a blend of compassion, commitment and knowledge ensures clients accomplish their objectives efficiently.

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