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Jessica is an accredited Family Law Mediator, a Collaborative Family Law lawyer and Family Law Arbitrator. Jessica also acts as a Parenting Coordinator and assists families in implementing their parenting agreements and court orders. Her goal is to achieve collaborative settlements through tailored made, hybrid, alternative dispute resolutions. She has an aptitude for structuring creative solutions that accomplish the best results for her clients. Her practice is unique in that it employs a multidisciplinary approach, specifically, she engages mental health professionals as part of her team for a more integrative process.

Jessica has also acted at all levels of the Court in Ontario and is a passionate advocate. Jessica’s background in corporate and commercial litigation brings a broad and diverse perspective to her practice. In 2018 Jessica was awarded the Heather McArthur Memorial Young Lawyer's Award from the Ontario Bar Association. The award recognized her dedication to social justice and the development of the law in Ontario.