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I developed a passion for family law early in my legal training when I acted as the coordinator of the Pro Bono Family Law Program for Windsor Law. In this role, I assisted self-represented parties and clients who were legally aided through the family court process and the accompanying myriad of court forms.

I have spent the last 5 years of my practice helping clients resolve a wide range of issues through mediated agreements, parenting plans, lawyer to lawyer negotiation and court, where necessary.

In my experience, court can be a stressful (and often scary) place that can intensify existing conflict and incur significant costs for families, which costs would be better spent on children, new homes, retirement savings and summer vacations.

Collaborative practice, on the other hand, is a practical and more humane approach to dispute resolution. It connects families with a team of qualified processionals to assist with the emotional, financial and legal consequences of separation.

I am excited to offer collaborative practice to clients as an alternative to traditional litigation because I believe that it offers clients an opportunity to take control of the decisions that matter most to them, such as how to parent their children in two homes and how to ensure their financial security.

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