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Marian is a Certified Specialist in Family Law (LSUC). She started her career as a family lawyer in Toronto in 2003. At that time she was in court almost every day with her clients. She learned a lot about the impact the family court system has on people, both financially and emotionally.

Marian moved to Oakville several years later and she became focussed on working with clients to find solutions outside of court that would work better for their families. In 2010 she stopped litigating any family matters in court, having learned that there is almost always a more productive and satisfactory way to resolve the unique problems that arise on the breakdown of a family relationship. She continues to practice in all other areas of family law including the representation of clients who are arbitrating family disputes.

Working as a panel lawyer for the Office of the Children’s Lawyer, Marian has learned how children are affected by a breakdown in their parents’ relationship. Whether she is working as the mediator or a lawyer in a family matter she brings a child-focused perspective to the process.

Marian is a trained Collaborative family lawyer and an active member of the Peel Halton Collaborative practice group. This training and experience proves beneficial whether her clients choose the Collaborative process or traditional negotiation.

Marian is also an Accredited Family Mediator (AccFM) and a member and Director on the Board for the Ontario Association for Family Mediation. To learn more about Marian’s mediation practice please click here.

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