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Karin is the sole owner and operator of Kidikian Consulting, a financial services company that specializes in matrimonial matters.

Divorce has been recognized, after death of a loved one, as the worst stressor the psyche undergoes.

A key part of the divorce process that couples are unprepared for is the significant financial preparation involved. Gathering and presenting ones financial information can be a stressful exercise for most, especially in cases where one spouse is in charge of the finances leaving the other in the dark. To ensure that this process moves smoothly and quickly, it is important to surround oneself with an effective support system, including qualified professionals who can guide you.

Acting as a financial neutral, Karin will take the guesswork out of the financial matters for both the clients and their lawyers. She will work tirelessly to collect and accurately present the clients’ financial information, ensure that both parties understand the numbers equally and assist the clients in arriving at a fair settlement.

Karin is a Chartered Accountant (CPA-CA), Certified Divorce Financial Consultant (CDFA) and is in the final stages of completing her Accreditation in Family Mediation with the OAFM. Karin has trained with Collaborative Practice Toronto and is an active member of the group.

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