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I have been a Family Law lawyer since my call to the bar in 1998. I practice in all areas of family law, and engage in solicitor work in related areas of Wills, and Real Estate. I obtained my Certification in Collaborative Family Law in 2011, and I encourage my clients to consider the Collaborative process. It is a cost-effective alternative to the Court process. Additionally, it is an amicable and satisfying resolution that generally has long-term sustainability, and provides parents with the tools and resources needed to resolve any disputes in the future.

I feel strongly that it is the parties themselves that are best suited to resolve their disputes amicably and respectfully, particularly in the unique area of Family Law where the parties to a separation and their children are still a family unit, adjusting to life in two households. With Collaborative Family Law matters, I advocate strongly for my clients and I take an educational and proactive approach, ensuring that my client is making well-informed decisions, and is apprised of developments as they occur.

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