Leading family lawyers, financial professionals & family professionals committed to resolving family differences through discussion and agreement rather than using the court process.

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I have been practicing law since 1997. Over the past 24 years, I have had the privilege of representing clients in Ontario’s courtrooms from Ajax to Hamilton and, from Toronto to Barrie.

Over time my practice has focused on family issues, including cohabitation, marriage, separation, divorce, parenting agreements, spousal and child support. In every case, creative solutions tailored to unique needs are more likely to be found by working in a collaborative setting.

My role, whether as your mediator or your lawyer, is to provide you with the candid advice, practical options, and the experienced guidance you need to effectively navigate and resolve your family’s issues.
For more information about the benefits of a collaborative approach to addressing family issues please visit my website at www.macrillb.com.

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Angelina Macri

181 University Ave.
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T: 416 601 9711
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